About Faliraki

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Faliraki


Faliraki resort, on the island of Rhodes is the ultimate destination if you want to live your imagination: under the hot sun or the starry sky, days full of adventure or relaxation. Faliraki offers a break from the typical holiday destination and there are thousands of visitors that love it so much they are coming back again and again whenever they can. There are so many reasons to fall in love with Faliraki. Here we will only give you ten. You can discover the rest at your next visit!

1. Endless sunshine

Faliraki has the sunniest days in the year and the temperature varies from 14Ο to 39Ο C during the day. The climate here is ideal for holidays, especially in summer. The sea breeze and the northern winds cool down the whole area.

2. Beautiful beaches and crystal clear water

Would you rather relax or do you prefer endless games in the water? Do you love a golden sandy beach or would you rather have pebbles? You will find all kinds of beaches in Faliraki. Enjoy a morning swim or stay at the beach until the last light of the day. Here you can swim all day long and at any time of the day! If you are lucky to catch a sunrise and a full moon, it is certain you will be enchanted and return to Faliraki year after year.

3. Delicious temptations

If you love Greek cuisine, Faliraki offers the best traditional flavors combined with contemporary culinary notes. You will find here fish fresh out of the fishermen’s nets, delicious local meat and gourmet creations that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Greek and international cuisine restaurants paying close attention to detail, traditional tavernas and restaurants literally on the beach can be found all around Faliraki, waiting for you to discover them. Here you can also find fast food options if you don’t wish to spend a lot of time off the beach. Fish and seafood served on a paper cone, traditional souvlaki and gyros are the best choices if you are on a rush.

4. Nightlife

Faliraki is a resort famous for its nightlife. You can lounge at a bar with a cold beer, enjoy your cocktails with a sea view, or dance in one of the clubs at Bar street or on Kallithea Ave. If you love traditional Greek music, you can find music events that regularly take place in restaurants and hotels all around Faliraki.

5. High-quality accommodation for everyone

Faliraki offers all kinds of accommodation, for every taste and all budgets. Small hotels, family rooms, homes, luxury hotels, all-inclusive hotels, boutique hotels, villas for rent are all available for rent during the summer season. Discover the highest quality accommodation at the best prices. If you would like to combine the beach and swimming pool, in the convenience of large hotels there are many choices, among them some adults-only or family hotels. If you would prefer local cuisine and nightlife, smaller establishments will definitely be a good match for you. Let your wishes guide you and enjoy some pleasant surprises.

6. Natural beauty

Faliraki is an area with unapparelled natural beauty. On one hand, you have the sea with its golden beaches and on the other, you can find verdant green hills offering unique chances for trekking and exploring. Discover the mountain paths and enjoy nature with a wonderful sea view. You can take the route from Profitis Ammos to Profitis Elijah hill or to climb the Erimokastro castle; they are both unique experiences among thyme, rosemary and local herbs. You will not only enjoy the magnificent view but you will also see rare flora, discover hidden archaeological treasures and even get to see the colorful peacocks at Profitis Ammos monastery! It is totally worth your time!

7. Kalithea Springs

Driving along the coast from Faliraki towards Rhodes town, in a very close distance to Faliraki, you will see on your right hand the famous Kalithea Springs. The therapeutic abilities of the springs were known since antiquity but it was only under the rule of the Italian Commander Mario Lago that they were so beautifully developed.  Today the facilities are not functioning as a spa but as a unique cultural & architectural heritage sight. Their unique architecture, in combination with the artistic pebbled floors, the imposing Rotonda, the Eros fountain, and the fragrant typical herbs call all senses to a nostalgic trip back in time. The small beach is waiting for you to dive into its cool water with a unique view of the blue Aegean.

8. Monasteries

In Faliraki you will find the Monastery of Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah) carved onto a rock. From here you will admire a majestic view all over Faliraki and the picturesque Anthony Queen bay. The little church of Profitis Ammos (one of only two all-around Greece) has some interesting old frescoes and at the little Faliraki port you will see the contemporary monastery of the Apostles. These are all unique chances to pray, get some peace of mind and soul and indulge in the silence of the sea or the forest.

9. Limitless alternative activities for the whole family

You can never feel bored in Faliraki! There are countless choices for activities, solo or with your family, that will create the most beautiful memories. Endless walks on the beach, sailing, fun water parks, a day in the forest, horseriding on the beach, fishing, diving and many more will make your holiday unforgettable!

10. So close, no matter how far…

Faliraki is ideally situated to the north-east of the island, offering easy access to the main road network. From here you can discover all sides of Rhodes and it is very close to both the airport and the port. You can easily set off for an adventure either on the road or by sea. Dare to board on for an adventure!

Faliraki is a destination you fall in love with at first sight… usually you don’t need any more reasons, it just happens. Let yourself be enchanted by its magic, holding the sunrise on one hand, with the full moon under your head, the sound of the sea and the light hustle of the leaves in the summer breeze. Beauty lies in simplicity, in the locals’ smile, the warm welcome. Follow its rhythm and feel the most beautiful holiday experience. Beauty is not only seen with the eyes but it is felt… and that’s how love becomes a way of living…